Adolescent Group Testimonials

My wife and I were directed to In Balance for Intensive Out Patient therapy for our 18 yr old daughter who was detoxed from Heroin Addiction. We went with trepidation but found it to be a welcoming and learning experience. Other families were going through the same journey. These others that were already deep into the therapy welcomed us with open arms. Our daughter found peers she could talk with and share her trials and tribulations. She was encouraged by the Peer Facilitators to go to meetings. In the beginning the facilitators accompanied her there and introduced her to other people in recovery. In Balance had a "real" interest in her succeeding not just going through the motions. The atmosphere was relaxed and made it easy to share with the others. Depending on your situation if IOP is what you are looking for, In Balance is well worth a look.

In Balance put our child on the road to recovery and helped us understand that our family needed to be on that road, as well.  Through intensive outpatient therapy, our daughter began to find a new way to live and a new way to see herself and others.  She began to have hope for living life.  The guidance we received, as parents, was invaluable, as we felt supported in learning to re-create and re-claim our home.  We felt safe in openly sharing our troubles and triumphs and gained a necessary understanding of substance abuse, addiction, community supports that were available to us, and perspectives on what recovery requires.  We will always feel a part of the In Balance family, and will be ever-grateful that In Balance helped us to begin to face the future with increased strength, confidence and hope.

Thank you!  Words cannot express my gratitude to you and the rest of the staff for the amazing work you have done with my boys. They are wonderful young men and I couldn't be happier.

This treatment gave me an opportunity to have a life! I got more from my outpatient treatment through In Balance and I could still work and be with my family.

I learned new skills, such as meditation and yoga, to incorporate into my recovery plan.

Thank you and the staff for helping me get my daughter back.

Not only was In Balance helpful to my daughter but it was pivotal in my understanding of the situation.

I trust the In Balance program with my life because you saved me…I am proof the program can work if you work it!