Adult Group Testimonials

I came to In Balance a year ago after failing four major in patient treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse going back to 1989.  I was so sick that I barely remember coming.  In Balance has given me my life back.  I continue with the aftercare program every week and it I just keep getting better.  I truly feel like I have been given a second chance at life.

In Balance helped me find my way out of a very dark place.

In Balance has given me a new respect for life.  It’s a fun and safe place to be.  I experienced many different forms of therapy to keep it interesting.  Thank you everyone!

In Balance has helped me a lot.  I have turned my drinking over to God and got to AA meetings 5 times a week.  Thank you In Balance and God for helping me.

I am enjoying the new perspective and clarity in my life. Goals are set, attainable and I possess hope and faith these days. Thank you and IN Balance for guidance on that path.

For me the diversity of the program was a big plus. The groups were very helpful and supportive. The experiential components were important to learn how to be active in recovery and sobriety.

The Yoga with Jennie was wonderful and I will incorporate that into my weekly practice. The equine piece was amazing and wonderfully healing. The art experiences were surprisingly helpful.

The variety was powerful, educational, supportive and experiencing actively living in recovery. I have SO many more tools for a better life.

The smaller group provides more in depth therapy and communication.